Believe it or not, wool filled bedding has been proven to be the ONLY 100% hypoallergenic and natural bedding solution. Scientific testing has shown that a particular type of wool filled bedding not only eliminates 100% of dust mites and 100% of dust mite allergens, but also reduces mould/fungus by 99.9%.

These results come after countless customers reported their allergies and asthma symptoms improving after investing in natural wool filled bedding. This prompted the company to test their long theorised ideas about natural bedding filled with wool being hypoallergenic. The results are vitally important for those with asthma and allergies as a natural, sustainable solution is now available.

Allergy UK carried out the test independently and have now awarded their Seal of Approval to all bedding made by a company called, The Wool Room, which has proven to sell the best anti allergy bedding on the market.



Healthcare professionals are being rather slow to catch on to these amazing anti allergy qualities in natural bedding made with wool, that’s why we’re here to tell you all about it!

If you’d like to hear from an expert, Dr. Christian Jessen is a big fan of The Wool Room’s natural bedding products. Read his ‘Top Ten Tips – to getting a better night’s sleep’ on this link: Dr. Christians Top Ten Tips.

Plus there’s lots of helpful information on The Wool Room’s website too.


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